With extensive experience and passion from working for and within the Spa industry, my skills of analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of spa experience has been extensive. This together with my qualifications in business, marketing and management, as well as unique vision can assist you in taking your spa to



My Spa Consulting Services are focused on helping to improve Spa quality by:

General evaluation of the spa operation and functionality. 

Customized ideas and training will be developed once a complete evaluation of the spa has been conducted.


  • Process Monitoring

  • Analyzing potential and prioritization of services

  • Defining optimization measures and communication process

  • Roll-out of new or improved services

  • Evaluation of architecture, design and energy flow of the spa

  • Brand solutions

  • Assisting in identifying business development opportunities with market research and strategic management

  • Equipment selection 

  • Third Party / Partner Management

Emphasize on individual skills and uniqueness of your brand. Includes:

  • evaluating and skills improvement workshop for employees

  • Recruitment & training of new staff

  • Creating unique, signature treatment & training


Everything comes from the spirit. everything is already there for us. we just need to know how to ask for it gracefully and align with its vibration. 

 Synchronicity and alignment of the brand

can be stimulated through: 

  • Shamanic principles and practices

  • Energetic synchronicity 

  • Secret geometry/crystal grids

  • Aromatherapy

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  • Instagram