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 Intuitive Shamanic Life Coaching

life is as you think it is.

you are the creator of your own reality

By implementing the ancient shamanic wisdom and astrology principles, I guide you to connect within, to understand yourself on a  deeper level of soul consciousness.

I help you to connect to your purpose in life and regain your own power to reshape the reality you are now experiencing. 

By shifting your awareness and consciousness, 

you are changing your life experience on physical level.


Re-connect with yourself and the gift of your own light

Each person thought process is different, and as such, the workshops are created to help participants master the necessary techniques to reach a meditative state of mind through perfecting body movement that align with their own higher frequency;tapping into a world of metaphysical properties. That is where energy flows freely and the door of knowledge opens, shifting your perception from physical to metaphysical.


Workshops are constructed not to be directives based on a textbook format. All the teaching, learning, searching... all of those concentrate too much on following a rigid structure and not enough on uniqueness and individualism. Instead, it is from the power within were the workshops will allow participants to act in spontaneous ways, to indulge yourself in creative forces, your own uniqueness, and the gifts you were born with. Participants will reach a mystical state of intuitive perception, inspiring creativity and imagination, all of which will transform your sensory perception to a new consciousness of healing.

Workshops do not dictate blind followers restricting their individuality. Participants who take part in the workshops will travel their own unique path where their journey will reveal their skills to make a difference.


The duration of the workshops will vary depending on the characteristic of participants and their individual needs. Each participant or group will be evaluated for current skills and assessment of workshop duration will be based.