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"Max and Friends radio show"

Discovering Meta Soul Massage One on One with Lukasz Darmos

Life happens. Everyday is a new day to discover, a new day to create, a new day to create our reality and what happens in it. Let's go deeper, every moment is a new moment to discover, to create, to surrender. Every morning when I awake, I create magic with my words, I create my reality for the day, and with each conscious breath, I am grateful. I am grateful for this moment, I am grateful for discovery, I am grateful that I allow myself to discover what others are creating.

Recently, I was under a lot of pressure, book deadlines, booking guests for my radio show MAX and Friends, traveling, all things that I am in the midst of creating. My reality. And in my reality, I was getting burnt out. By no means am I complaining, I am simply sharing with you what lead to my recent discovery... MetaSoul Massage.


MetaSoul Massage." Foreign words for some, but yet something may sound familiar. Maybe your soul (like mine did) is aligning with the creator of MetaSoulMassage, Lukasz. 


I recently discovered him after I searched for something more than a massage, and lets be very clear not a sexual massage, a massage that would realign and connect my soul with my body. There simply was a disconnect between mind, body and soul. And it was okay, I am a believer in "It is what it is" until you want "it" to be more. I wanted more, I desired a reconnection, and I knew I was going to find it. There is an old proverb that states "What you are looking for, is looking for you." I found it, I surrendered to the source, to the creator of my reality, to myself. I opened myself up to the reality that I would find someone that would put into motion, the reconnection of mind, body and soul.


His name, Lukasz. His creation as mentioned MetaSoul massage. Without expectations and with an open mind, heart and soul. What I was looking for, was looking for me. It existed and only about 30 minutes away from where I live. Synchronicity, frequency, bliss. I watched the short video...

What is your experience in massage?

I have worked for many health and wellness institutions as a therapist, consultant and massage instructor. I have traveled the world to study different modalities. Massage is my passion, my soul’s artistic expression. Therefore, as an artist, I am constantly seeking to refine my creations. I stretch my imagination to innovate massage therapy.

Do you believe you are divine?

We are all divine. We are The Divine Creator experiencing itself in the physical form— a human being! Here on this physical realm we play the game of life driven by our egos and its illusion of separation. Realizing who we truly are, our potential, is the point of the game.

 What do you want people to take from your sessions?

I want my clients to feel their connection with spirit, to go within and gain clarity, strength, healing, understanding and love. To enjoy the process of deep relaxation and meditation through a beautiful session of bodywork.

Why do you play a flute?

The flute is my shamanic object. I created it myself. I believe the vibration of its sound carries spiritual powers. I call it “my magical flute”! I play it at the beginning as an act of opening the door for the spiritual connection. The vibration of the sound creates a sacred space for setting an intention. At the end of the session I play the flute with a sound of gratitude to ground down the energy as an act of closing. On the physical level I think it's a pretty cool way of relaxation. It also connects me within. It totally shifts the vibe of the space.

What music do you play during a massage?

I play a mix of down tempo, lounge, instrumental, shamanic, sensual music. I never know what will I play. I go with the flow. The music carries specific vibration. Each cell of our body resonate with that vibration and it’s rhythm. I then attune myself, my movement, my dance to the same rhythm creating synchronicity. This also helps me with my creativity during the session. That's why each time it has a different rhythm and flow.

As a creator, what are you Consciously Creating now?

I am creating “LD by Lukasz Darmosz”. The brand is to revolutionize Spa & Wellness industry by delivering a new concept of sensory motion Spa, and offering Spa consulting services. Teaching my technique and shamanistic coaching are also my focus. As well as expanding my awareness with the teachings of astrology.

Until next time my Friends... open yourself up to discover, surrender to the flow, and Take life... 2TheMAX!"

..And knew, I must experience a MeatSoul Massage. And I did. I drove to Miami (Lukasz also could travel to you) and was welcomed by Lukasz. His studio had a super calm peaceful energy, and healing energy. I knew that whatever I was going to receive from this experience was going to assist in reconnecting my body, mind and soul.

Lukasz, said to me "what are your intentions of this massage?" I've never been asked that by a masseur. With that said, I knew that whatever my intentions were going to be would bring me to another level of understanding the connection between body and soul.

As I laid on the massage bed, Lukasz played a wooden flute, the energy of the vibrations filled the room, filled my being, filled my soul. Something was cracking inside of me. Then the hour and a half MetaSoul Massage began. There were moments that I felt my body was levitating, that Lukasz was breathing for me. My body was in a state of meditation. My mind was on a journey within and my thoughts became clear, the chatter in my mind ceased and then I became visually transported to the Amazon. I felt and visualized a black panther crawling and kneading on my body. The same energy of peace and healing that filled the room, now filled my soul. For those ninety minutes, I was connected fully, to mind, body and soul.

After the MetaSoul Massage, Lukasz and I spoke just a bit, I was so curious as to how and why he created this massage. I knew I would have to discover more and feed my curiosity. As life would have it, that evening I was leaving for New York and would not be able to feed my curiosity until I returned. That evening and for days to come, that same peace and healing was with me. The feeling of connection remained. My mind was in a euphoric state. It was pure bliss. I found myself naturally more happy. Upon my return to Florida I called Lukasz to set up a time that we could sit one on one and discuss his creation MetaSoul Massage.

What is MetaSoul Massage?


MetaSoul Massage is an art-form of bodywork, a way of connecting on a physical and metaphysical level. It is a massage technique infused with a shamanistic energy work approach. Its purpose is to re-connect with spirit, the source of power you carry within. Aligning the body with the soul’s vibration gives the ability to heal, release outdated patterns, and recognize the authentic Self - the creator constantly manifesting a new reality to experience. I see it as an experience of transformation from within, a deep connection to self, a quantum conversation to recognize who we are.

How did you create Meta Soul Massage?

As a technique, MetaSoul Massage has been manifesting itself through me, my never ending journey of self discovery and self evolution, powered by the collective energy of all the people that I have met, studied with and worked on. My inspiration comes from a passion of exploring a variety of massage techniques, bodywork and shamanism.

What made you create it?

We all want to feel happy and empowered to create the life we want to experience. Yet, the constant changes and challenges of life can disconnect us from spirit making us feel powerless, stressed and lost. The disconnection leads us to experience physical and emotional pain. Every challenge we encounter originates from the spiritual plane and later manifests itself of the physical and emotional planes. Therefore all challenges must be spiritually solved. I want people to experience massage not just on a physical level... I want take them deeper into the divine matrix to meet their unlimited potential.

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