Having studied various philosophies and techniques on human well-being,

I developed a hybrid approach of healing through human interaction.

My philosophy is based on a broad spectrum of research and shamanic practices, which evaluate the inter-connectivity between body and mind, physical and spiritual world.

I  have been practicing the art of massage, energy work, shamanism since 2004. I continue to travel the world on a journey of discovery; developing a fusion of thought and technique from diverse cultures to create an effective hybrid philosophy.


I strongly believe that moving the mind from a conscious state of being into a shamanic, meditative trance, allows energy to connect, flow freely and restore health - uniting body, mind and spirit.

My philosophy lives and breathes through integrating quantum physical techniques of rising the energy vibrations which resulted in creating the METAPHYSICAL SOUL (METASOUL) MASSAGE;  the roots of which are based on many different body and energy work modalities from all over the world.


  • Worked passionately with medical institutions and numerous spa facilities including beauty, wellness and aesthetic centers in Europe as the leading massage therapist and massage instructor.

  • Creator of Metaphysical Soul Massage technique, a hybrid of modalities including: Lomi Lomi, Ma-Uri, Deep Tissue, Californian, Swedish, Tibetan, Ayurveda, Thai, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, lymphatic Drainage, Aesthetic Therapy, Sport Massage, Orthopedic and Neuromuscular Therapy, and many others...

  • Organized international seminars about metaphysics and quantum physics in massage, body and energy work.

  • Experienced in spa consulting, including development, quality assurance, business process monitoring, service prioritization, recruiting, and service improvement as well as implementation of new and improved services.

  • State of Florida Licensed Massage Therapist (No. MA7628)


  • Business and management graduate specialized in market research and strategic management. 

  • Graduated from Ma-Uri Institute in New Zealand, a strict program of study in shamanic massage, body and energy work healing.

  • Trained with many world renowned massage/bodywork schools like: French Massage Accademy, Somatheeram Ayurvedic Accademy (India), Vedic Conservatory (USA) and many others.

  • Complited Matrix Energetics seminars and others.